First year value of over $1000

4 Art Pieces

In the first year, your DATE will unlock 4 art pieces. You will be able to claim (free mint + gas fee) an original NFT by a known artist every quarter. Each NFT will be unique while integrating your date in to the art work

First Drop:
Amber Vittoria

For our first drop, we are excited to announce a partnership with Amber Vittoria. Each NFT will be unique while also having your DATE at the bottom.

1st Drop: @amber_vittoria ︎
2nd Drop: TBD

Celebration Package

Exclusive promotions and benefits from partner hotels, restaurants and brands that would help you celebrate your cherished DATEs.

Partnership announcements coming soon.

Confirmed Partners: 

Money Back Guarantee

This is not a sprint nor a flip, the value of the Celebration Package increases every week. To show you how confident we are in our promise to you we offer a model that will eliminate most of the risk for you - Money Back Guaranteed!
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